Designer Fine Jewelry

T - 149 is TORRUBIA & TORRUBIA's Diffusion Line.

TORRUBIA & TORRUBIA are Amaia and Yolanda Torrubia, third Generation of Goldsmiths - Since 1919 -.


TORRUBIA & TORRUBIA, San Sebastián – New York, Designer Fine Jewelry, is the brainchild of sisters Amaia and Yolanda Torrubia. Third generation of goldsmiths since 1919, they grew up admiring the beauty and perfection of the pieces that came from the family workshops.

 In 2009, the sisters decided to create their own line, and opened an upscale store in the most exclusive commercial area in San Sebastián, Spain. TORRUBIA & TORRUBIA was promptly recognized internationally. The most prestigious international fashion magazines quickly recognized their special creations, and they collaborated with fashion designers for their New York Fashion Week shows. Nicola Formichetti personally invited them to showcase their fashion forward Fine Jewelry in his NY concept store, housing a collection of unique pieces representing “everything he loved in one store”. They have been awarded the “V Tahitian Pearl Trophy”, in 2010 they were nominated for the Fashion Group International, Rising Star Award, in 2012 they run finalist for the FGI Rising Star Award and for the prestigious VOGUE’s Spain, Who’s’ On Next.

Amaia, studied Mechanical Engineering but quickly realized that her true vocation was to continue the family tradition. While graduating from college, she began her formal jewelry training at the family workshop until the family company was dissolved in 2002. She then began to design unique silver pieces and later more sophisticated ones with highest quality materials. In 2007, her immediate success encouraged her to start her own company “Amaia Torrrubia”. These plans were promptly changed in 2009 when Yolanda proposed to join forces and create an internationally focused, Designer Fine Jewelry line, TORRUBIA & TORRUBIA. Amaia is currently the Director of the San Sebastián Flagship/Workshop and serves as Designer/Jeweler of the brand. 



Yolanda graduated with a law degree in Spain. Her passion for the arts and design led her to pursue a Masters in Arts Administration, deepening her studies in these fields during her doctoral research. This interest led her to New York where she graduated from Columbia University Law School with honors as a Burton Fellow Scholar. Upon graduating, Yolanda worked with prominent fashion lawyers and designers. Currently, Yolanda lives in New York and practices law while working closely in the arts and fashion world as the Creative Director of TORRUBIA & TORRUBIA.


The sister’s combined passion for the arts, jewelry and design united their vision to carry their family’s creative heritage. Their modern and sophisticated designs for men and women are the synthesis of their special background and personalities. Their high-end jewelry is conditioned by the nature of the materials used and is filtered by their personal cultural references. Music, Visual Art, Film, Fashion and their hometown idiosyncrasies are the creative fabric of their work.


For TORRUBIA & TORRUBIA Designer Fine Jewelry the fabrication and finishes of their timeless jewelry is as important as their elaborate designs. For this reason, they combine the basic and traditional techniques of the artisan jewelry-craft, along with the most up to date technologies to design and manufacture their limited editions. This process allows them to maintain outstanding quality of product.


T-149 is TORRUBIA & TORRUBIA’s Diffusion Line.  T-149 was launched in 2010 at the insistence of clients and friends who requested some of Amaia and Yolanda’s personal pieces designed in silver and other materials not commonly used in traditional Fine Jewelry. T-149 designs are visceral and avant-garde statement pieces, pulling inspiration from pop culture and cutting-edge fashion.